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Break Free of Toxicity

relationships Mar 22, 2023

Are you ready to break free from those toxic, “player player”, swindler relationships, once and for all? Can we get a heck yeah?! Shelby is pumped up today, sharing the struggle of how she broke free from the cycle of poor self-worth and the liberation she felt when she took control of her life by valuing herself more. 

Only then did she get the relationship she truly wanted — and deserved. Men that are swindlers lack empathy and are narcissistic. They’re using women (like you, perhaps) that are vulnerable to the ways of players. Watch out for these red flags! 

Shelby is sharing stories from women she’s worked with that are super relatable. Cycles of manipulation are perhaps easier to identify when it’s not your story. So get comfortable and settle into this entertaining and insightful episode of The Relationship Reset — and let’s learn together, ladies, that the reset starts with you.


“You no longer have to compromise your worth or your dignity in order to be in these relationships. No more, ladies. Today is the day we stand firm together - and we break this cycle.”  ~ Shelby Carino


In This Episode:

- Recognizing the red flagshow are you being played

- Being in a relationship with someone who treats you the way you want to be treated

- Are you attracted to a “player player” swindler? What do you do next?

- Overriding the new system to bring the new system online!

- Imagine that you are a bird…

- Taking the time to reflect on your past relationships: what have you been attracted to in the past?

And so much more!



Relationship Reset Course


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