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Chasing Feelings Instead of Chasing Connection

Are you stuck in a relationship where you are chasing feelings instead of chasing a connection? Today our relationship expert Shelby Carino is discussing three key topics that will help you move forward in your relationship as it relates to chasing feelings instead of chasing connection.

Seeking a feeling instead of nurturing a connection needs to be reframed if we, as women, are to develop healthy relationships. That involves 'the B word' – setting boundaries – and it involves letting go. It's also about reclaiming your autonomy.

Shelby Carino breaks it all down for us in a simple yet impactful way that is guaranteed to empower all those women out there feeling stuck in their relationship and unsure as to what to do next. Shelby is providing us with bite-sized tips and strategies to reset our relationship and find greater freedom and autonomy –  all we have to do is tune in. Please join her. 


 "What we feel is what we end up building upon. And sometimes that foundation that we are building upon creates a connection that is not healthy for us in relationships." ~ Shelby Carino


In This Episode:

- Reframing the way we establish connection through feelings

- Setting boundaries

- Letting go

- Reclaiming autonomy

- Once upon a time, there lived a woman who believed in creating strong boundaries.

- Are you trying to make your man 'better'?

- Earning your way out of the relationship, energetically

- Do your values lie in the relationships you have with other people?

- Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?

- Understanding self-love and codependency

- Stop waiting for someone to validate your identity

- Exploring the Relationship Reset Course Shelby offers

And so much more!


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