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Improve Your Relationship, Spiritually

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in your relationship despite having achieved all of your materialistic relationship goals? Maybe it's time to explore the spiritual aspects of a healthy relationship?

I'm Shelby Carino, host of The Relationship Reset, and today I'm talking about the 'spiritual art' that entails relationship goals. Shimmy your shoulders and let's settle in for the high-frequency discussion and downloads I'm sharing today as we learn about mindful communication, active listening, and more. 

Communicating is a two-way street, and so it's important to understand how we are communicating spiritually with our words, our bodies, and our minds. With a safe, open space, we can then develop deeper communication, trust, and intimacy. 

From there we can begin to explore even deeper spiritual growth with our partner, growth that will lead to more fulfillment for both of you. I'm excited to share my spiritual insights (and some of my story) that will hopefully help you develop a stronger spiritual foundation and intimacy with your partner


"Without a strong spiritual connection to your partner, the relationship will lack fulfillment and purpose." - Shelby Carino



In This Episode:

- What is mindful communication

- Why attracting an opposite will lead to spiritual growth 

- Understanding spiritual intimacy (connecting on a soul level) 

- What is the difference between religious and spiritual growth? 

- Why our values guide how we act upon things  

- Creating a solid foundation so that you are ready to listen when the spirit speaks 

- Understanding a relationship as a tree

And so much more!



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