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Top Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Challenges

What are the three most common spiritual challenges couples face? And if you relate to these challenges, what practical strategies can you employ to navigate your way through them?

I'm Shelby Carino, and today I'm providing you with all you need to build a relationship with the divineand with your partner.

Ladies, I'm talking to you and reminding you that you are maternal and that you are infinitely capable of spiritual birth. 

You can expand, you can grow, and you can organically shift your spirituality – and then bring your partner along with you. 

So that's part of one of the strategies I discuss: learning to understand and appreciate our spiritual differences in a relationship. 

We needn't fear growing spiritually – it’s important for you, and it’s vital for your relationship. 

I'm also providing strategies on what to do if there is a loss of faith in a relationship, and how we can engage with the divine element of spirituality and the important role it plays in any loving relationship

It all comes back to our own spiritual accountability and remembering that our relationship is a mirror for ourselves on our own journey. Let’s ride above the waves! Please join me.


"Most women fear that if they spiritually grow – because they feel like they are spiritually different from their partner – they fear that they are going to outgrow their partner spiritually, and that it will be the end of the relationship."
~ Shelby Carino



In This Episode:

-Why we need to start having spiritual conversations

-Understanding our spiritual differences

-Appreciating spiritual growth – "you gotta grow"

-What does personal growth look like in a relationship

-Unpacking a loss of faith – the God journey of 'you' 

-An invitation from Shelby to join her on a Discovery Call

And so much more!



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