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Mesmerized by Men!

What happens when we ignore the elephant in the room? As women, aren't we craving that deeper connection with our partner that goes beyond any explanation? I'm talking about a feeling that is at a depth that is unexplainable. And so the elephant in the room is that uncomfortable feeling that exists when we know there is something unresolved with our partner. 

In today's episode, I'm talking about that intimacy that we are searching for, that exists in the disconnect. We can find it if we are intentional and ethical. For me, this starts with admitting our psychic ability as women and then acknowledging that this can sometimes lead to projection. We are connected to source, buzzing with a spiritual energy (whether we like it or not). This can lead to feelings of overwhelm, and then we 'throw our stuff' — most often at our partner. 

If you like the sound of your man's voice, perhaps you should allow it to be heard? Let's talk about what's going on there. Are you being swept away, mesmerized by your man, and losing your maternal power in the process? Or are you allowing for curiosity to come forward? Let's find out! You have the power to take my offering further. 


"When we become infatuated with a man's voice, or we become infatuated with their physical appearance, we can lose sight of what our own needs are." ~ Shelby Carino


In This Episode:

- Finding the courage to address what is uncomfortable

- Projecting your own frustration when you could be holding space

- How does the sexy male voice who introduces my show make you feel? 

- Men as 'mesmerizers' - losing our maternal energy when we hear 'the voice' 

- Discovering what our needs are and learning to communicate them

- Learning more about your partner so that you can share your vulnerabilities

- Allowing our curiosity to come forward

And so much more!



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