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Taking Action for Change

relationships Mar 15, 2023

Do you find yourself stuck in a relationship, constantly waiting for something to change? Are you still at a place in your relationship where you feel unfulfilled? Fear not, Shelby is here! The Relationship Reset is back, and this time it’s packing a punch for us all empowered women out there looking to become unstuck in our relationships.

It starts with understanding the role that projection plays in terms of sabotaging our chance to authentically connect with our partner. It then moves to learning how to take time to reflect on our own feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Self-reflection then offers a place of growth that allows us to take action for change. And this is where the beautiful work happens. Recognizing what your patterns are, changing them, and then harnessing your divine feminine energy so that you can shape the destiny of your life! All of this lies in wait for you, right here and now. And that is powerful. Please join Shelby!


“We need to understand that what we are projecting is not always the way that we need to approach relationships. And this is the one key thing that can keep us stuck in a loop of our relationships, where we are going nowhere.”  ~ Shelby Carino


In This Episode:

- Understanding the danger of projection in your relationships

- The power of self-reflection

- An invitation to insert yourself into a story Shelby shares

- Why nothing changes when you project your hopes and desires onto the man you are dating

- How projection ‘blankets’ something energetically onto the other person

- Taking action for CHANGE – what that entails

- Recognizing our patterns and then changing them by walking them out

- Having the courage to take positive action

And so much more!



Relationship Reset Course


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