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The Invitation

relationships Mar 01, 2023

Are you ready for a relationship reset? Shelby Carino is waiting for you, with open arms, ready to show up each week and embark on a journey with women who are looking to reconnect with their maternal energy.

This show is for every little girl who, at some point in her childhood, fantasized about her knight in shining armor who would one day come in and tell her how beautiful she was, and sweep her off her feet, and rescue her from a life of despair.

And when that didn't happen, and the little girl grew up and started to question the fairytale ending, it was time for her to learn what her mother never taught her. And that time is now

As a Metaphysical Expert, Master Practitioner of NLP, Ordained Minister, and acclaimed author, Shelby Carino is highly qualified and ideally suited to embark on a journey, with you, to reset that relationship. This is her invitation to begin that journey together with you.

Isn't it time for you to get that sip of water from the fountain so that you can then expend your energy to others? Please join Shelby for a tall glass of maternal energy and healing. 


"I know I will show up for you. I know that in any type of relationship, the first step is to show up." ~ Shelby Carino


In This Episode:

- YOU are worth showing up for

- Resetting what our mothers never taught us about relationships

- Acknowledging and pampering your senses

- Re-connecting with your own maternal energy

- Judge away - and then release those judgments

- How to take feelings and turn them into intentional actions

- Why we are all mothers

- Why The Relationship Reset is yoga for your heart

And so much more!


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