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Understanding Respect

relationships Mar 08, 2023

Are you feeling disrespected in your relationships? Are you tired of being talked down to? Shelby is speaking to all the women out there looking to tap into their maternal strength so that we can finally break the chains of disrespect and reclaim the power in our relationships.

How do we understand the spiritual root cause of that which causes us to be disrespected in our relationships? Addressing our own issues around worthiness and past trauma is the start of our journey as empowered women. Shelby delicately encourages us to reflect on how we act out from our inner child, which can lead to disrespect from our partner and a lack of personal accountability.

Most importantly, whether we have given birth or not, we are designed as women to bring spirit to earth via our womb. So we already commune with spirit. And it is this spirit, this powerful maternal energy, that holds the key to our empowerment as we redefine the power dynamics in our relationship. Leading to — you guessed it — R..E..S..P..E..C..T! Starting with yourself. We have the information and power at our fingertips. All we have to do is reach out.


“You’re going to walk away from this episode today feeling empowered with information that’s not only going to satisfy what’s going on in your mental mind, but it’s going to be like a hug to your spirit, to your emotions, and to your feelings. So that you are no longer one of those women walking the planet feeling like you are alone in this topic of conversation where you’re the only one dealing with disrespect in your relationships.” ~ Shelby Carino


In This Episode:

- How we engage with our womb spiritually to bring ‘spirit to planet’

- How disrespect impacts your relationship

- Uncovering the spiritual reasons why we feel disrespect

- How to make positive change when operating from a limited source of information

- The strategies to connect with our inner spirit and maternal energy

- Why it’s not so much ‘a learning’ as a ‘remembrance’

- Resetting yourself emotionally, spiritually, and subconsciously with Shelby’s course

- Break those chains of disrespect – forever!

- Homework! Discovering the theme of disrespect in your relationships

- Nourishing the spiritual component of your relationship with yourself

- Imagining your phoenix rising from the ashes

- An invitation to create the power you deserve in your relationships

And so much more!



Relationship Reset Course


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