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What is your Spiritual Mess?

 Are you feeling weighed down by unresolved emotions, negative thought patterns, or possibly even some limiting beliefs? If so, you may be dealing with some 'spiritual mess.' What is a spiritual mess? How does it impact our relationships, and what can we do to clean it up?

Being human and being spiritual means you are likely to create some kind of a mess when you are in a relationship. For me, my throat chakra and my voice became the source of my spiritual mess as I developed anxiety, fear, and even sadness that affected me in my daily life. At my root core, I had a fear of not being heard.

What is the origin of your spiritual mess, and how are you projecting your fear onto the ones you love? Are you ready to reach out to a spiritual mentor (such as myself) so that you can start to deal with what is coming up? 

It's time for us to start cultivating healthy self-care habits and becoming more mindful of our spiritual mess. On the other side of identifying the mess lies so much joy and self-awareness in the actual cleaning up! Please join me.


"Think about when you declutter a room: it can be very cathartic and very healing. Well, I invite you to take that breath, that when you clean up spiritual mess, it is 100 times more cathartic." - Shelby Carino



In This Episode:

- What is your Spiritual Mess? Understanding your Root Core

- Is your spirit begging to expand? Projecting our Spiritual Mess onto those we love

- Understanding how negative self-beliefs are a form of Spiritual Mess

- What does your self-care practice look like?

- The joy that comes with releasing negative self-belief systems

- Why emotion is just energy in motion

And so much more!



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