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What was your first Boyfriend Experience?

Do you recall your first boyfriend experience? How old were you? Were you pursued – or did you chase the boy? In this week's episode of The Relationship Reset, Shelby is willing to share the intimate details of her first boyfriend experience.

She's doing this so she can travel back in time with you to listen to your first story. And then you will understand why she chose to support women (like you) to reset the relationship in their lives. 

From only being able to date at age 16 to returning trolleys at the airport on her first date, Shelby has some poignant, beautiful, and relatably awkward teen romance stories to share with you. Stories that set the table for our understanding of how those first experiences shape our ideas of relationships. 

It's time to revisit that time when you met your first boyfriend and assess how your relationships have gone since then. Who was running the relationship, and how empowered were you? Thankfully we have Shelby Carino, relationship expert extraordinaire with her deft touch and sensitive ways, to hold our hand as we travel back in time to that first kiss – and then what was amiss. Please join her. 


 "Here began my first experience of dating: my best friend's leftover. So she could pursue her new infatuation." ~ Shelby Carino


In This Episode:

- Walking through your first boyfriend experience, together

- The pitfall of having to wait till you were 16 to start dating

- The shift that happened when Shelby was first noticed

- Where do you go on your first date as a teenager?

- What begins as innocence ends as impurity

- Removing your mother from your relationship

- Healing your mother wound to break the cycle of generational trauma

- Having an authentic, genuine foundation to build on in your relationships

- Taking 15 minutes to reflect on your first relationship

- Appreciating that mother energy is universal

And so much more!


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