ShelbyTV LIVE On Oranum


Oranum is an online LIVE video spiritual community chat site where people from all over the world can connect with a spiritual healer and/or reader with the click of a button.

It is FREE to be a member & only costs if you do a private session or become a fan club member.

What Will You See On ShelbyTV LIVE? 

  • How Shelby Works A Room
  • How Shelby Energetically Shifts People In REAL Time
  • How Shelby Connects With Her Members
  • How Shelby Utilizes Her Communication Skills
  • How Shelby Moves Members To Action

How Do You Do  A Private Session With Shelby?

  • Become A FREE Member On Oranum
  • Buy Credits
  • Click 'Start Private Show'

How Do You Prepare For The Session?

  • Where Is Your Current Struggle?
  • What Do You Want Your Outcome To Be?
  • Are You Willing To Do The Work?

*Come With Pen & Paper*




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Yes, I Want My Free Ticket

"I can't say enough about how much Shelby Carino has helped me. I was in such a terrible place before joining her group. I felt so weak and hopeless. The thing that stands out for me is she has helped me find my own power. I have grown and learned so much from her. To me she is a gift from spirit. I will always be grateful!"

Adriana A.

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