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Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to a new level of alignment, harmony & balance? Waking up is easy, learning how to navigate what happens after the energy wakes up is hard. Take a look at a unique set of courses that came directly from Shelby's REAL TIME waking up process. Are you ready to go the 'course' of this 'next level?'

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Shelby has a podcast & she loves everything about it! It's a way for her to get more content out to people like you. If you love a great podcast then check out more of ShelbyRADIO by clicking the nice purple button below. 

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Are you a reader? Does reading strike your fancy? Did you know Shelby is a published author of 6 books? Here is a sneak peak of two of them. If you want to learn more about her other books click on either one of the purple buttons below.

A Beginner's Journey

If you are new to the world of energy & how it works then this is a great short read for you to learn more!

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A Forgiveness Journey

When you learn energy you learn how to move energy through the energy centers of the body. Curious?

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Shelby's Spiritual School Curriculum Was Selected For Keen's New Sister Site, Modern Spiritual, To Expand More Knowledge To The Ever Growing Market Of Spirituality. If You Want To Get A 'sneak peek' Of What Shelby's Courses Are About Be Sure To Visit Her Page Titled SESSIONS.

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Do you need some one-on-one attention? Perhaps some TLC? Well, Shelby is here to help with your spiritual movement process. If you were on the fence if you should reach out for a call or chat, well here is your sign. DO IT!

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Go ahead, it's ok to be on the fence or to jump right in. Curiosity is the key to movement. Fear is the foundation that keeps us moving towards movement. Are you confused yet? Good, give Shelby a call or chat & let her help you!

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Hello! My name is Shelby & I am a 'recovered' intuitive woman who discovered the process to bring balance back to my relationships that left me feeling empowered & in control of my emotions. Now I teach other women the process of how to heal their lady parts while bringing value back into their world. I am a Metaphysical Expert, Master Practitioner of NLP, Ordained Minister, Author, Podcast Host & Professional Speaker. I also own and operate my own spiritual school curriculum for the advancement of 5D communication. Author of 6 Books 1. The Art of Process: 7 Secrets To Overcoming Adversity & Cultivating New Age Prosperity 2. Energy Is The New Brain: Surrender to Death & Begin Living 3. Soul Freedom: A Personal Memoir of One Woman's Journey Through Her Dark Night of the Soul 4. Soul Freedom Companion: The Final Battle To Freedom 5. Twin Flame Love: The Story Of How One Man Saved My Life 6. Energy Delish: Recipes That Will Feed Your Energy Founder, Creator & Teacher Spiritual School Curriculum 1. Relationship Reset Course 2. Movement Course 3. 5th Dimension Course 4. Mediumship Course 5. Psychic Energy Course 6. Energy Alchemy Course 7. Celebrity Consciousness Course 8. Spiritual Ethics Course 9. Twin Flame Course Yes ya'll, these are the many faces of me, myself & I as I look back on this journey and wonder how the hell I made it. Well, if I can do it & I have the process to make it easier for you, then I KNOW you can do it. Let's connect!


As a psychic it is nice to have a platform where it's a-ok to let that psychic energy fly & do what it's got to do! ShelbyRAW on YouTube is exactly that place for Shelby to LET IT OUT!

New videos are released EVERY Thursday; however be sure to check out other playlists AND the community where you can see even more personal posts of Shelby's psychic life!

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