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Are your relationships failing? Are you suffering from the scarlet letter of divorce, infidelity, break-ups, or marriage issues? Is the pain surfacing your need to grow spiritually? If yes, then it's time to RESET your RELATIONSHIP with YOURSELF & step into the healing process to ignite your spiritual power to come FULLY back into YOU.


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Are You Ready To Claim YOUR Relationship?

You no longer have to suffer in silence, it's time to reset your power!

Are You Having Relationship Troubles?

Ugh, the word relationships. It's only a good word when you feel your world of relationships is going great; however when relationships blow up then all of a sudden we lose our focus & our balance. Why is that? That is a great question and the guidance is in the Relationship Reset course. 

If you are truly miserable, lost, losing hope or even living a lie to have others believe you are  happy in your life of relationships then you and me need to get to know each other. I was notorious for living a lie of happiness in my relationships until a profound spiritual awakening happened within myself that opened my eyes to what I had not wanted to see that was the key that changed my entire world of how I viewed relationships & how I could change the pattern of the lie. 

 Yes, I was living a LIE and I thought I had the whole world fooled on that lie. No wonder I was miserable, until I was willing to finally see the truth.

Here was my problem until it became my power...

  1. I attracted the same type of men, expecting a different character
  2. Every man cheated on me in every relationship
  3. In each relationship the man left me for another woman
  4. Every man I dated was a narcissist
  5. Each man either physically, emotionally or financially took advantage of me
  6. Every relationship left me holding the broom and dust pan

I was miserable, exhausted, broken & done with the whole relationship scene...until...

I decided to dig deep in myself to finally expose the hard core truth & finally claim WHY I kept attracting the same type of relationship.

Who knew my 'daddy issues' would get exposed when I never even thought I had them.

When I realized it was my spiritual innocence that had been raped, uncared for, disrespected & molested...I CHANGED!

If you are finally ready to claim your inner girl child, take back your spiritual innocence & finally get the MAN you deserve who treats you like you always envisioned then you need the Relationship Reset Course today!

It's time to claim your innocence & spirit, again.



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