Movement Course


The Carino Celebrities Movement Course is about connection, commitment & movement to a higher standard of energy called the 5th dimension.

It is imperative to learn this new way of 'being' if you are to continue to move forward in your world & feel like you are a part of the world.

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Relationship Reset

If you are an intuitve woman who is seeking to find balance in your relationships so you can feel empowered & in control of your emotions then this is the course for you.

It's time we learn what our mother's didn't know how to teach, until now.

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5th Dimension

The Great Awakening IS about moving into a higher vibrational field which is termed as the 5th dimension. It is imperative for you to bring in this vibration safely & deeper into your energetic system. Why? Because it will be the baseline foundation for how you move about your daily life that influences your thoughts, decisions, emotions & belief systems.

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We are mediums to a higher source of communication within ourselves. It is imperative that we begin learning how to manage the connection of our internal voice as we connect into our divine voice. Erase ALL you know the word 'medium' to be in the old reality and step into the empowerment of your own voice of mediumship. 

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Psychic Energy

Did you know that everyone is psychic? Did you know that each person has a psychic ability that they utilize daily in their life without even a conscious awareness to it? Can you imagine if you became conscious to your psychic energy what you could do in your life to create a more fluid schedule, a more fluid life & a more fluid emotional energy?

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Energy Alchemy

Have you been noticing how people seem to be 'out there,' 'detached,' 'easily angered,' 'non-aware,' or just 'totally asleep?' Do you know why? It's because energetically they are not in their body or their mind that much these days. They are 'floating' around in space energetically and energy alchemy is how we learn how to stay in our body while utilizing the new system of how to manage and direct our personal energy.

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Celebrity Consciousness

YOU are the new celebrity of today. The old Hollywood that many of us have come to view as 'glamorous' is now viewed as 'ugly.' In the light of recent events, Hollywood has exposed the façade of appearances which has given the average person a true look into the soul of these 'celebrities.' You are the new consciousness to the new celebrity & it is time to step into your celebrity fully. 

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Spiritual Ethics

Ethics are a foundational knowledge of moral principles that governs a person's behavior. However, in the spirit world of energy there is another layer of ethics in order to protect you, the people around you & the energy world you are learning to live in fully. 

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Twin Flame

If you are in a twin flame energy with a mirrored soul and the emotional energy is beginning to get high and then drop to a low, this is the course for you. The deeper soul growth lessons will make you feel completely out of control. Learn how to harmonize the energy & get back into balance along the way. 

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"I signed up for the spiritual school courses at a time of desperation when my anxiety was beyond controllable. I was hopeless, in despair & left with no inspiration of what to do next. I began with the Relationship Reset course and immediately began feeling empowered and more in control of myself. I am still working my way through the curriculum but feel more in control, more aware of my energy and hope that my life isn't as bad as I think it is. I had to view my life as a spiritual evolution. "

Mary M.

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