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  • Have you been seeking to be a part of something?
  • Are you hungry for more spiritual connection?
  • Is your life topsy turvy in the energies?
  • Is your circle of 'friends' getting smaller?
  • Do you need to be a part of something that will help your day to day life be less stressful?
  • Do you like having a road map you can follow to make life more aligned?

Listen, ALL of these questions I just asked you are the EXACT same thoughts & feelings I had when my life and energy blew up like Hiroshima or even explosive diarrhea. Take your pic, either way it was intense.

I knew that when I felt like I wanted to be a part of something is when I felt the most alone and isolated.

I knew when I was hungry for more spiritual connection my mentors and teachers were 'quiet.'

I knew when I had no idea how to control the energies I was setting off bombs in my life which meant I had more to learn.

I knew when my circle of friends kept depleting and I felt even more outcasted that something was happening deeper within me.

I knew that when my ability to plan my days began looking like etch a sketch that I had lost my ability to sort my brain out. 

I knew I was desperately seeking a road map to follow that had people in that map so I could be a part of something while learning what the heck was going on in my life that seemed to have suddenly gone off the rails.

Can you relate to any of this?

If there is one thing I have learned in my life that has saved my life in my spiritually ascended process is that it helps to be a part of a group & to be a part of an evolutionary process within that group.

This is why I have FINALLY been able to create Shelby's Membership!

Trust me, it has taken me 11 years to get to this place where I can actually offer something to others because I myself am aligned & balanced enough to lead others 'this way' as a group.

Now, I bet this is your next question...


  1. A Safe Space To Grow & Connect
  2. An Emotional Haven To Strengthen Emotional IQ
  3. A Place To Belong With Others On The Spiritual Path
  4. A Place To Strengthen Personal Identity
  5. A Place To Invest & Grow Value
  6. A Place To Have A Focus Each Month On A Spiritual Practice
  7. A Place To Find Balance
  8. A Place of Empowerment

I have created Shelby's Membership with the 'end' in mind. Here is what I mean by 'the end in mind.'

I have gone out into the 'future' a year ahead of schedule to see & feel what the energies are that are coming in for the year. Upon my collection of data, a theme was created. 

Each month in the membership program I will release a new word that we as a group will focus on & I will teach you what to do that month with that word. 

I have created a workbook that you will have access to as I guide you through a 12 month process of empowerment, focus, balance & prosperity simply through a new word for the month that will lead you to an end goal outcome. How does that sound? Does that suit your fancy to get intentional with group support?

Where more than 1 person is gathered there is source energy. Have you heard that saying before? Well, its true and I have witnessed it and been a part of that powerful magic.

Now, does it matter which month you are reading about the membership? Nope, you get in where it fits in for you. Wherever you come in is where you begin.


  1.  Guided Monthly Spiritual Lesson To Create Intentional Outcomes
  2. New Video Released On The First Of Each Month
  3. FREE Workbook That Focuses On The Theme Of The Year
  4. 50% Discount On Private Sessions
  5. FREE Access To Shelby's Community Group
  6. Access To Private Zoom Gatherings For Deeper Connection & Information

.......This is what I have thought of so far, lol. I am open to ideas as they come along as I learn the group that is manifesting.

Now, full transparency...

This is the FIRST membership group that I have launched so you will be on the ground floor of this record breaking wave of energy, intention, success & magnified outcomes.

Are you in?


Leader of Shelby's Membership

'Keep Your Spirits Flying High & Keep Living For Your Truth'











What People Are Saying:

No one is saying anything yet because Shelby's Membership is new; however when they do begin speaking I will let you know! LOL

Shelby Carino


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