Spiritual Awakening

The Spiritual Awakening Bundle is a comprehensive package of courses designed for women who are on a journey of spiritual awakening and want to deepen their understanding of themselves and their relationships. If you have entered into a relationship that has ignited a spiritual awakening within you, this bundle is perfect for you.

This bundle includes all of our popular courses such as Relationship Reset, 5th Dimension, The Carino Celebrities Movement, Mediumship & Psychic Energy.  Each course has been specifically designed to provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to harness your spiritual energy and apply it in a way that benefits both you and your partner.

With the Spiritual Awakening Bundle, you will gain a deeper understanding of energy, how it works, and how to use it ethically. You will also learn how to navigate the challenges that come with a spiritual awakening, such as heightened sensitivities and emotional turbulence.

Investing in this bundle means you can take all the courses at the same time and commit to the process of awakening at your own pace. By the end of this bundle, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a fulfilling and spiritually rich relationship.


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Spiritual Growth

The Spiritual Growth Bundle is designed for women who understand the importance of spiritual growth in all aspects of their lives, especially in their relationships. If you are seeking to elevate your energies and want to experience the highest level of fulfillment with your partner, then this bundle is for you.

The courses in this bundle are specifically curated to help you grow spiritually and emotionally, and they cover a range of topics. This bundle is perfect for women who want to start at the end and work their way back to the beginning, or for those who simply want to enhance their current spiritual journey.

The courses in this bundle will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to transform your relationships and your life. You will learn about energy alchemy, celebrity consciousness, spiritual ethics, and twin flame energy. These teachings are essential for any woman who is seeking to grow spiritually and build a fulfilling relationship.

If you are ready to commit to your spiritual growth and elevate your relationship to a new level, then enroll in the Spiritual Growth Bundle today. It's time to take control of your spiritual journey and experience the fulfillment that you deserve.


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All 9 Courses 

Welcome to the complete Women's Relationship Program bundle, where you'll receive all 9 courses in one comprehensive package. This bundle is designed to take you on a journey of transformation, healing, and growth, empowering you to live your best life and experience fulfilling relationships.

The program begins with the Spiritual Awakening Bundle, which will help you connect with your true self, activate your spiritual energy, and gain clarity about your purpose in life. Next, you'll move on to the Spiritual Growth Bundle, where you'll learn to navigate the intricacies of relationships, develop healthy communication skills, and cultivate the spiritual foundation necessary for fulfilling partnerships.

By combining both bundles, you'll have access to a complete toolkit that will guide you through every step of your journey, from self-discovery to relationship fulfillment. With the full 9-course bundle, you'll have the security of knowing that you're fully committed to the program, and you can work through each course at your own pace, knowing that you're on the path to a more harmonious life.

Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of harmonizing your energies. Enroll in the complete Women's Relationship Program bundle today and begin your journey towards the fulfilling and joyful relationships you deserve.


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"I signed up for the spiritual school courses at a time of desperation when my anxiety was beyond controllable. I was hopeless, in despair & left with no inspiration of what to do next. I began with the Relationship Reset course and immediately began feeling empowered and more in control of myself. I am still working my way through the curriculum but feel more in control, more aware of my energy and hope that my life isn't as bad as I think it is. I had to view my life as a spiritual evolution. "

Mary M.

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