Spiritual Awakening

This 5 course bundle consists of Relationship Reset, 5th Dimension, The Carino Celebrities Movement, Psychic Energy & Mediumship.

If you are in the beginning throes or the later stages of awakening then this bundle will bring you into a balanced foundation of the energy eruptions happening in the energy field.


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Spiritual Growth

It is one thing to go through an 'awakening' and it is a whole other experience to go through 'growth.'

If you have moved through the awakening courses then you are ready to take it to the next level of growth. These bundled courses will elevate the higher energies that are necessary to balance the spiritual energies on all levels. 

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All 9 Courses 

If you see the big picture of all the 9 courses in the Spiritual School Curriculum that is composed of the awakening and the growth, then here is a full package bundle for you.

In this bundle you receive all 9 courses that are listed in the image to the right. Jump on in and get going on your harmonization today of your energies!


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"I signed up for the spiritual school courses at a time of desperation when my anxiety was beyond controllable. I was hopeless, in despair & left with no inspiration of what to do next. I began with the Relationship Reset course and immediately began feeling empowered and more in control of myself. I am still working my way through the curriculum but feel more in control, more aware of my energy and hope that my life isn't as bad as I think it is. I had to view my life as a spiritual evolution. "

Mary M.

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