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Top Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Challenges

What are the three most common spiritual challenges couples face? And if you relate to these challenges, what practical strategies can you employ to navigate your way through them?

I'm Shelby Carino, and today I'm providing you with all you need to build a relationship with the divineand with your partner.

Ladies, I'm talking to you and reminding you that you are maternal and that you are infinitely capable of spiritual birth. 

You can expand, you can grow, and you can organically shift your spirituality – and then bring your partner along with you. 

So that's part of one of the strategies I discuss: learning to understand and appreciate our spiritual differences in a relationship. 

We needn't fear growing spiritually – it’s important for you, and it’s vital for your relationship. 

I'm also providing strategies on what to do if there is a loss of faith in a relationship, and how we can engage with the divine element of ...

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Improve Your Relationship, Spiritually

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in your relationship despite having achieved all of your materialistic relationship goals? Maybe it's time to explore the spiritual aspects of a healthy relationship?

I'm Shelby Carino, host of The Relationship Reset, and today I'm talking about the 'spiritual art' that entails relationship goals. Shimmy your shoulders and let's settle in for the high-frequency discussion and downloads I'm sharing today as we learn about mindful communication, active listening, and more. 

Communicating is a two-way street, and so it's important to understand how we are communicating spiritually with our words, our bodies, and our minds. With a safe, open space, we can then develop deeper communication, trust, and intimacy. 

From there we can begin to explore even deeper spiritual growth with our partner, growth that will lead to more fulfillment for both of you. I'm excited to share my spiritual insights (and some of my story) that will hopefully help...

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What is your Spiritual Mess?

 Are you feeling weighed down by unresolved emotions, negative thought patterns, or possibly even some limiting beliefs? If so, you may be dealing with some 'spiritual mess.' What is a spiritual mess? How does it impact our relationships, and what can we do to clean it up?

Being human and being spiritual means you are likely to create some kind of a mess when you are in a relationship. For me, my throat chakra and my voice became the source of my spiritual mess as I developed anxiety, fear, and even sadness that affected me in my daily life. At my root core, I had a fear of not being heard.

What is the origin of your spiritual mess, and how are you projecting your fear onto the ones you love? Are you ready to reach out to a spiritual mentor (such as myself) so that you can start to deal with what is coming up? 

It's time for us to start cultivating healthy self-care habits and becoming more mindful of our spiritual mess. On the other side of identifying the mess lies...

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Being the Bad Guy in a Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship where one person was painted as the bad guy? Villainization can cause a lot of tension, and it’s not always easy to understand why it happens. 

In today’s episode of The Relationship Reset, we are going to explore everything from power dynamics to miscommunications, and from projections to past trauma — all things that can lead to and cause ‘villainization.’ Because I don’t want you to let that villainization energy overpower you in your relationship.

How do we get good at self-reflection, and how do we learn to stand in our own strength? When can we recognize the reflection of what we are projecting, or what is being projected onto us, and create a healthy power balance in our relationship? Villainization vibrations are real! Let’s discuss. 


“When you unethically project onto other people, you are leading the villainization energy in a relationship.” ~ Shelby...
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Mesmerized by Men!

What happens when we ignore the elephant in the room? As women, aren't we craving that deeper connection with our partner that goes beyond any explanation? I'm talking about a feeling that is at a depth that is unexplainable. And so the elephant in the room is that uncomfortable feeling that exists when we know there is something unresolved with our partner. 

In today's episode, I'm talking about that intimacy that we are searching for, that exists in the disconnect. We can find it if we are intentional and ethical. For me, this starts with admitting our psychic ability as women and then acknowledging that this can sometimes lead to projection. We are connected to source, buzzing with a spiritual energy (whether we like it or not). This can lead to feelings of overwhelm, and then we 'throw our stuff' — most often at our partner. 

If you like the sound of your man's voice, perhaps you should allow it to be heard? Let's talk about what's going on there. Are you...

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Break Free of Toxicity

relationships Mar 22, 2023

Are you ready to break free from those toxic, “player player”, swindler relationships, once and for all? Can we get a heck yeah?! Shelby is pumped up today, sharing the struggle of how she broke free from the cycle of poor self-worth and the liberation she felt when she took control of her life by valuing herself more. 

Only then did she get the relationship she truly wanted — and deserved. Men that are swindlers lack empathy and are narcissistic. They’re using women (like you, perhaps) that are vulnerable to the ways of players. Watch out for these red flags! 

Shelby is sharing stories from women she’s worked with that are super relatable. Cycles of manipulation are perhaps easier to identify when it’s not your story. So get comfortable and settle into this entertaining and insightful episode of The Relationship Reset — and let’s learn together, ladies, that the reset starts with you.


“You no longer have to...

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Taking Action for Change

relationships Mar 15, 2023

Do you find yourself stuck in a relationship, constantly waiting for something to change? Are you still at a place in your relationship where you feel unfulfilled? Fear not, Shelby is here! The Relationship Reset is back, and this time it’s packing a punch for us all empowered women out there looking to become unstuck in our relationships.

It starts with understanding the role that projection plays in terms of sabotaging our chance to authentically connect with our partner. It then moves to learning how to take time to reflect on our own feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Self-reflection then offers a place of growth that allows us to take action for change. And this is where the beautiful work happens. Recognizing what your patterns are, changing them, and then harnessing your divine feminine energy so that you can shape the destiny of your life! All of this lies in wait for you, right here and now. And that is powerful. Please join Shelby!


“We need to understand...

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Understanding Respect

relationships Mar 08, 2023

Are you feeling disrespected in your relationships? Are you tired of being talked down to? Shelby is speaking to all the women out there looking to tap into their maternal strength so that we can finally break the chains of disrespect and reclaim the power in our relationships.

How do we understand the spiritual root cause of that which causes us to be disrespected in our relationships? Addressing our own issues around worthiness and past trauma is the start of our journey as empowered women. Shelby delicately encourages us to reflect on how we act out from our inner child, which can lead to disrespect from our partner and a lack of personal accountability.

Most importantly, whether we have given birth or not, we are designed as women to bring spirit to earth via our womb. So we already commune with spirit. And it is this spirit, this powerful maternal energy, that holds the key to our empowerment as we redefine the power dynamics in our relationship. Leading to — you...

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Chasing Feelings Instead of Chasing Connection

Are you stuck in a relationship where you are chasing feelings instead of chasing a connection? Today our relationship expert Shelby Carino is discussing three key topics that will help you move forward in your relationship as it relates to chasing feelings instead of chasing connection.

Seeking a feeling instead of nurturing a connection needs to be reframed if we, as women, are to develop healthy relationships. That involves 'the B word' – setting boundaries – and it involves letting go. It's also about reclaiming your autonomy.

Shelby Carino breaks it all down for us in a simple yet impactful way that is guaranteed to empower all those women out there feeling stuck in their relationship and unsure as to what to do next. Shelby is providing us with bite-sized tips and strategies to reset our relationship and find greater freedom and autonomy –  all we have to do is tune in. Please join her. 


 "What we feel is what we end up building...
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What was your first Boyfriend Experience?

Do you recall your first boyfriend experience? How old were you? Were you pursued – or did you chase the boy? In this week's episode of The Relationship Reset, Shelby is willing to share the intimate details of her first boyfriend experience.

She's doing this so she can travel back in time with you to listen to your first story. And then you will understand why she chose to support women (like you) to reset the relationship in their lives. 

From only being able to date at age 16 to returning trolleys at the airport on her first date, Shelby has some poignant, beautiful, and relatably awkward teen romance stories to share with you. Stories that set the table for our understanding of how those first experiences shape our ideas of relationships. 

It's time to revisit that time when you met your first boyfriend and assess how your relationships have gone since then. Who was running the relationship, and how empowered were you? Thankfully we have Shelby Carino,...

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