Energy Alchemy

  1. Do you truly know what energy alchemy is as it relates to spiritual ascension?
  2. Are you ready to receive the 'magic' of alchemy?
  3. Are you at a place in life to focus some intentional confusion in your energy in order to gain more alchemy in your life?
  4. Are you ready to breakdown your current vibration in order to build the new alchemized vibration?
  5. Do you find that your romantic relationships take a quick turn to the bedroom & then suddenly the attraction loses spark?
  6. Do you get personally offended often?
  7. Do you feel like you are running another brain besides your own?
  8. Do you feel like you are 'not yourself?'
  9. Do you know what energy work is?
  10. Do you feel like you are constantly feeling others energies?
  11. Do you feel stuck in your transition to a higher alchemy of yourself?
  12. Do you feel energetically overwhelmed?

These are all questions that come from a personal experience in my energy movement that took me YEARS to understand & I have given those wisdoms HEALED inside of this course along with much more.

Alchemy can be a very confusing concept especially when the word energy is in front of it. However, when you have the activation to the knowledge then it allows the energy to move forward in a more fluid fashion.

Where there is movement, there is intention, where there is intention,  there is alchemy. 

What Will You Learn Inside The Course?

  1. You Will Learn What Energy Is Instead Of What You Think It Is.
  2. You Will Learn The Difference Between Sexual Alchemy vs Spiritual Alchemy.
  3. You Will Learn Why Energy Isn't Personal & Why It Is Just Energy.
  4. You Will Learn What Energy Work Is.
  5. You Will Learn The Art Of How To Transfer Energy
  6. You Will Learn What An Empath Is & How It Affects Your Awakening Process.
  7. You Will Learn The Energy To The Process Of Transition Into A Higher Alchemy
  8. You Will Learn What Being An Empath Leads To.
  9. You Will Learn How To Release The Information Of Alchemy.
  10. You Will Learn How To Unpack Your Experiences.
  11. You Will Learn What The Next Step Is In Your Process

If you are truly in a position to navigate & awaken your journey of alchemy and you are requiring a more streamlined guidance approach,  then you are a prime receiver for the Energy Alchemy course.

For the empowerment of YOU, I truly hope I see you inside the course in order to begin working a process to empower your energy into this new frequency of 5th dimension. 

*** NO REFUNDS ***

Shelby Carino

5D Speaker & Radio Show Host

'Keep Your Spirits Flying High & Keep Living For Your Truth'


$389.00 USD

I understand, acknowledge and hold accountable to the processes that I am about to receive as I learn how to become Energy Alchemy.  I will continue to comply with the energies that govern my forward movement and trust the energies to align my future outcomes while I continue to heal the past generational lines and loops that were created in the past.

I understand there are NO REFUNDS on this course as the minute the course is purchased the energies begin working immediately before any 'physical' interaction occurs.

I understand that all information presented is owned by Shelby Carino & any attempt to duplicate, download content or in any way steal the information will be met with legal action.


You are ready to alchemize your magic!

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