I understand, acknowledge and hold accountable to the processes that I am about to receive as I learn how to become Energy Alchemy.  I will continue to comply with the energies that govern my forward movement and trust the energies to align my future outcomes while I continue to heal the past generational lines and loops that were created in the past.

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Energy Alchemy Offer

Aw, alchemy, another one of my favorite words!  Alchemy is a magical process that can transform and create in the same space.  When you add the word ENERGY to the word ALCHEMY then you truly become a 5D Chemist!

This course is ONLY designed for those who are truly, truly, truly at a place to become a master at learning how to navigate energy, balance energy and utilize that energy for the highest future path of self.

In this course you will begin to learn the difference between sexual energy and spiritual energy and why it is so important to understand which energy your energy system is leading with.

You will also move towards the path of understanding what energy work is and that it is energetic and not personal.  Furthermore, a very important conversation will occur about sending and receiving energy.  

How about the word Empath?  Have you heard this word used over and over and over again?  What is your understanding of that word?  I can guarantee that when you see the video that is all about empath, your mind will be blown and it might just be the thing you need to understand and hear to move you to the next level in this entire spiritual ascension process.

There is so much more packed into this course and one thing that has never been left out is the information on making sure you release energy.

If you truly are moving towards alchemy and understanding this world of energy then this is definitely the Diamond you NEED in your arsenal of knowledge and energetic activations.

What People Are Saying:

“Energy Alchemy: I knew I was an empath and I was awakening. What do I do with these gifts? How do I strengthen them? I was searching for answers, guidance, anything. I was so sick of hearing, “Put up a shield. Think happy thoughts.” There had to be more. Then I stumbled upon Shelby. She steered me toward this course and my mind was completely blown. If you are awakening, you NEED this course. Did you know “empath” is a phase? This is the stuff no one else is teaching. Get the course...there is so much more inside!”

Sarah L.