I have taken full responsibility for my online education in the Twin Flame energies.  I now have a platform of information that will energetically begin aligning me to a higher path of vibration and ethical energies to align higher into my soul's purpose with the exact match of a Twin Flame partner.  I take full ownership of the energies I carry and the value that I have in this world with my Twin Flame energies.  I am fully accountable to myself and my energies and manifest in the highest of ethics and integrity for the planet and those around me, including myself.  

I understand there are NO REFUNDS on this course as the minute the course is purchased the energies begin working immediately before any 'physical' interaction occurs.

I understand that all information presented is owned by Shelby Carino & any attempt to duplicate, download content or in any way steal the information will be met with legal action.

*I understand the course has a 120 day time limit in order to encourage my energy and myself to do speed of implementation*


You are elevating the flame!

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Shelby's Community is an online spiritual curriculum to reset your relationship with yourself so you can have more money, more security, & true love in your life. While moving through the curriculum find comfort in knowing this is a community for women to support each other along their journey.  

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Twin Flame Energy

  1. Have you heard of the term 'Twin Flame?'
  2. Are you in a relationship with a 'twin' energy?
  3. Is this 'twin' energy creating a lot of emotional turmoil in your life?
  4. Are you seeking the 'perfect' relationship with the 'perfect' love with the 'perfect' person?
  5. Has your twin 'ghosted' you?
  6. Are you struggling with trust in your relationship?
  7. Are you wondering who your twin flame is?
  8. Do you actually know what a twin flame is to its fullest extent?
  9. Have you heard of a 3rd energy?
  10. Have you met your twin flame?
  11. Do you feel like your life is starting over?
  12. Are you wondering where to find your twin flame if they have yet to show up?
  13. Is your twin flame running?
  14. Is your twin experience causing a lot of pain to surface?
  15. Do you feel your twin spark is lost?
  16. Are you fixated on the sex instead of the spiritual work?
  17. Are you focusing the relationship as romantic or spiritual?
  18. Are you clear about the timeline of when you blow your twin out & why?
  19. Have you been told you are with a 'fake twin?'
  20. Have you blown out your twin?
  21. Do you feel like your partner has lacked accountability to you and your relationship?
  22. Do you know that the twin experience is about getting to a higher connection to God, Divine Source?
  23. Do you know how to elevate your man into the higher energies?
  24. Are you & your twin following a twin flame spiritual mentor?
  25. Have you ever wanted to hear what the man experiences in the twin flame journey?
  26. Are you and your twin beginning to have issues with family members?
  27. Are you confused about how to harmonize with your twin?

Are you in the throes of a massive energetic experience with your Twin Flame and you have zero idea how to move forward?

I know, I was there too & that is why I have put ALL the learnings & tools I know in this course to help you and your twin be successful.

My twin & I had a mentor & we are now successfully harmonized which led to our marriage. 

If you are seeking a true story of a twin success story that has moved through the critical stages, then you are a prime person for my Twin Flame course.

If you are ready to come out of the 'clouds' in the romanticism of the twin & get to the REALITY of the twin, then sign up now for this course.

What Will You Learn Inside The Course?

  1. You Will Learn Who Your Twin Flame Is
  2. You Will Learn What A Twin Flame Is & Not What It Has Been Romanticized To Be
  3. You Will Learn The Importance Of The 3 Point Triangle In The Twin Experience
  4. You Will Learn When You Will Meet Your Twin Flame
  5. You Will Learn The Importance Of Re-setting Your Timeline Loop With Your Twin
  6. You Will Learn Where To Find Your Twin Flame
  7. You Will Learn About The Chakra System & How That Relates To Your Twin Journey
  8. You Will Learn Why Your Twin Flame Is Running
  9. You Will Learn How To Move On & Through The Twin Flame Pain
  10. You Will Receive The Twinning 2.0 Upgrade
  11. You Will Learn How To Release The Body Work To Move To The Spirit Work
  12. You Will Learn How To Track Your Timeline Of Events When You Blow Out Aspects Of Your Twin Experience
  13. You Will Learn The Truth About The 'Fake Twin'
  14. You Will Learn How To Navigate Through The Blow Out
  15. You Will Learn How To Keep Accountability Through The Collapse Of Energies
  16. You Will Learn About The Climb To God With Your Twin
  17. You Will Learn How To Elevate Your Man & Integrate The Energies
  18. You Will Receive An Authentic Hawaiian Download To Bless The Twin Flame Journey
  19. You Will See Shelby Carino's Real Time Twin Flame Timeline Journey
  20. You Will Hear From The Male Himself, What They Go Through In The Twin Experience
  21. You Will Learn The Importance Of Generational Healing Through The Twin Experience
  22. You Will Learn About The Union Of Harmonization
  23. You Will Learn SO MUCH MORE That Your Energy Will Expand Tremendously

If you are truly in a position to navigate & awaken your journey of the twin flame and you are requiring a more streamlined guidance approach,  then you are a prime receiver for the Twin Flame course.

This course has a 120 day timeframe to view all videos & receive the energy information. Why a time limit? Because you are dealing in the realm of energy and intention now. 5th Dimension cares little about your timeline, it cares about its own & you must adjust in order to keep up. This timeframe to get the information in your energy system will only continue to help you move more fluidly along the path of 5D. 

*** NO REFUNDS ***

For the empowerment of YOU, I truly hope I see you inside the course in order to begin working a process to empower your energy into this new frequency of 5th dimension. 

Shelby Carino

'Keep Your Spirits Flying High & Keep Living For Your Truth'

5D Speaker & Radio Show Host

What People Are Saying:

The Twin Flame course was exactly what I didn't expect. It's a game changer and a mind opener! For me it was like Shelby lifted the veil and revealed some POWERFUL truths. It took me going through the course several times to unlearn everything I knew and then learn about what it truly means to be in a Twin Flame relationship...the information is empowering as well as enlightening. Here's a magical little glitch in her videos...each time you watch them you discover something new which will later be confirmed in your physical world. Magic!!! I'm still having aha moments when I watch them!!!

Adriana A.

The Twin Flame energy courses are a must have! These courses integrate you appropriately into the energies! Each course breaks down who, what, when type of thing. This is needed because we like to 'understand.' You'll find yourself returning to this course numerous times on this journey. Once you have your free courses be sure this is your next step! Take it from me, these courses saved me!!! Plus new courses will be added as deemed appropriate!

Kristen F.

Shelby Carino's Twin Flame Course has been a life changer in my Twin Flame journey! Thanks to her guidance and information, I am now able to tap into the energies needed to navigate this tricky path with my twin and mainly on my own! As I have gotten stronger my twin has felt the shifts and is now shifting in his experience as well! I am beyond grateful to have found Shelby and this course to help me just when I was about to give up hope! Miracles occur each day and I am still blown away! I will watch this again and again! Thank you Shelby!

Julie R.

This course is the essence of the energy of love. Doesn't matter if you are a twin or a soul or just a person who wants to have a harmonized and successful long term love relationship. This course is all about energy of what real love is all about. Maybe some of the words that you will hear will be, hey I know this and all, but again, it's not about what you hear in this course, but the energy which you will receive which will purge you and push you towards your real partner in your life. To be honest, not just toward the right partner, but toward your own truth. Even if you are a person who had spent time working on self, or born with gifts, these energies will just give you more pure power on your path.

Viktorija J.

I couldn't wait for this course to be created, I wanted to know everything. This course proved to me the knowledge and social media information I believed to be a Twin Flame was false. It showed me this journey is about clearing out the blockages and upgrade into my highest possible vibration for my Twin Flame energy and me to be able to come together. It taught me it is a continuous process of purging and ascending and Union will be just the ice cream on the cake. With Shelby I became more balanced in my energies and was guided through the rough waves in this journey. This course will change you, your life, the relationship and process you are currently in with your Twin Flame. It changed mine!!! Get the course, do the work and trust the process!!! You will be amazed what will happen. Buckle up!

Vanessa F.

2 years ago I met my karmic whom I thought was my Twin Flame. I blew him out after 2 weeks. I didn't know what a Twin Flame was, I just remember typing into Google 'why did he leave me?' I had joined a couple other Twin Flame groups, but they weren't helping. I remember seeing Shelby on my timeline and felt so drawn to her so I joined in July of 2018. I love her so much. My first call with her all I did was ramble (poor Shelby) I was a hot mess. I found out he wasn't my twin, but my false. I realized I joined for him, but now I'm glad I did. This journey that I am on is all about me and healing me and finding my way to my truth. My anxiety is gone. I am speaking my truth and I am learning my triggers and learning to feel through them. I realize I wasn't ready for my twin then, but I'm ready now. I am still healing what needs to be healed and in the process I am healing my family and my grand-kids. Shelby and Joe are absolutely magic and authentic and know how to just show up.

Stacy P.

I needed this course! I needed confirmation that he is my twin flame energy, but now know that we both needed to get blown out so we could upgrade ourselves. We could not ascend while our low vibrational energies were tangled up. Please, please, please trust the process. It is for the greater good of all involved!

Claudia M.

This was exactly the information and activations I never knew I needed. It has been a complete game changer. Because Shelby has done the work and is on the twin flame journey she is able to breakdown the energy in ways nobody else can. This has totally transformed my entire life. Before I was completely obsessed with 'the guy' and felt such lack and longing. After the course, I'm now obsessed with the ENERGY and feel abundant and grateful for my continued expansion. It put everything into perspective for me...I am my twin flame, this has become my mantra. Thank you Shelby!


Where to start? I guess I should start by saying that I didn't go seeking Shelby out but instead was led to her tribe. I wasn't really familiar with Twin Flames or TF energy, but turns out I needed to be! The Twin Flame Intro Course was the missing piece of the puzzle for me in a long standing, very confusing connection. I needed the information so that I could start taking my energy and power back and move forward. My life has been a whirlwind since finding Shelby and starting all the courses, but in the best of ways. I finally feel more comfortable to be my authentic self and to share that with the world, my genealogical and familial patterns are changing rapidly the more I do the work. I have found my power in my marriage and have released a lot of unnecessary guilt that was never mine to hold and I have slowly become more visible as I navigate my new business. All of Shelby's courses have helped me in one way or the other and I couldn't be more grateful. I really appreciate the teacher in her. I have taken many energy, psychic and mediumship courses but the way Shelby explains things seems to resonate with my brain in a way that I can retain the information, not just mentally but on an energetic level. Sometimes I wonder how it's all happening, how it truly works, but honestly it doesn't really matter because if you follow the process and do the work you will see the results!

Priscilla A.

Why had this content not been created when I began my Twin Flame awakening? Oh, that's right, I was in it and now I got to create this movement of courses to help YOU navigate the energies better than I did. Through my journey into success with harmonizing with my Twin Flame; here is ALL that I have learned, conquered and programmed to be successfully in union in the physical and spiritual plane with my Twin Flame. We officially married September 2, 2016 and now I am in position to share all the techniques, insights and energies so YOU can have your success in a much deeper and more aligned way. I am my own testimonial. Enjoy the journey and I am excited you are here with me!

Shelby Carino