I understand that purchasing the online activation of Celebrity Spiritual Ethics is a highly sacred purchase to only be used for my viewing only.  To share without consent is to endanger another's energetic vibration and that is breaking the law of spiritual ethics.

I further understand that if at any point in time I come across another soul who is ready for this type of information then I will guide them to Shelby Carino's website so they can enter their own value with the course activation.

Furthermore, I understand that if I share this information without valued consent then the energy kickbacks are mine to process.

I hold this sacred purchase to the highest extent of Spiritual Law.

I understand there are NO REFUNDS on this course as the minute the course is purchased the energies begin working immediately before any 'physical' interaction occurs.

I understand that all information presented is owned by Shelby Carino & any attempt to duplicate, download content or in any way steal the information will be met with legal action.

*I understand the course has a 90 day time limit in order to encourage my energy and myself to do speed of implementation*


You are getting ethically congruent!

As a FREE gift to you for taking this step in your ethics, then you are invited to be a part of Shelby's Community.

Shelby's Community is an online spiritual curriculum to reset your relationship with yourself so you can have more money, more security, & true love in your life. While moving through the curriculum find comfort in knowing this is a community for women to support each other along their journey.  

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Spiritual Ethics

  1. Do you have a negative connotation to the word law?
  2. Do you know what a Merkabah is?
  3. Is your ego creating uncomfortable confrontations in your world?
  4. Are you a know-it-all?
  5. Are you finding that you are triggered more easily in daily life?
  6. Is your life out of alignment & you need guidance on how to streamline your energy?
  7. Is your energy taking care of the people around you?
  8. How truthful are you to your spiritual experience?
  9. Are you truly aligned in your confidence of your identity?
  10. Do you begin activities with the end in mind?
  11. Do you have a hard time surrendering?
  12. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  13. Are you good at asking for permission?
  14. Do you have ethical boundaries?



What Will You Learn Inside The Course?

  1. You Will Learn The Difference Between Human Law & Spiritual Law
  2. You Will Learn What A Merkabah Is & How It Is Important To Your Awakening Journey
  3. You Will Learn How To Balance The Ego
  4. You Will Learn How To Balance Your Know It All Attitude
  5. You Will Learn How To Manage Triggers Ethically
  6. You Will Learn The Art Of Alignment
  7. You Will Learn The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Ecology Spiritually
  8. You Will Learn The Ins & Outs Of Spiritual Truth
  9. You Will Learn The Spiritual Truth Of Empowered Confidence
  10. You Will Learn Why It Is Important To Ethically Begin With The End In Mind
  11. You Will Learn The Importance Of Surrendering To The Energy So You Can Ethically Move Forward In Your Awakening
  12. You Will Learn Why It Is Important To Keep A Secret
  13. You Will Learn The Importance Of Asking For Permission
  14. You Will Learn How To Set Ethical Boundaries
  15. You Will Learn The Next Step In Your Process

If you are truly in a position to navigate & awaken your journey of your inner celebrity and you are requiring a more streamlined guidance approach,  then you are a prime receiver for the Spiritual Ethics course.

This course has a 90 day timeframe to view all videos & receive the energy information. Why a time limit? Because you are dealing in the realm of energy and intention now. 5th Dimension cares little about your timeline, it cares about its own & you must adjust in order to keep up. This timeframe to get the information in your energy system will only continue to help you move more fluidly along the path of 5D. 

*** NO REFUNDS ***

For the empowerment of YOU, I truly hope I see you inside the course in order to begin working a process to empower your energy into this new frequency of 5th dimension. 

Shelby Carino

'Keep Your Spirits Flying High & Keep Living For Your Truth'

5D Speaker & Radio Show Host


What People Are Saying:

This was by far my favorite course. Why? Because it really helped increase my value as an entrepreneur and leader. How? It made me realize that being congruent in every aspect of my life is necessary in order for my energy to flow naturally and easily. It reminded me of why I choose not to do business with certain places or people when it doesn't feel right. It also reminded me how much I trust my intuition and how on occasion I should ask, if this person were in the room would I be saying, doing or acting how I am? It also created a deeper bond with my amazing mentor. If you are searching for answers regarding spiritual law this is one to definitely invest in. Thank you Shelby!

Aryana L.

This course is something that we all as human beings should have in everyday life, not just in a spiritual life and path. This is ancient wisdom of how we have to teach and raise our children to become real, honest and living in their truth as human beings and to protect them saves them at the same time from creating unwanted energy patterns that can run in the family with their children and grandchildren etc.

Viktorija J.

I really enjoyed this series and learned so much. It truly helped connect all the dots and made so much sense! I love how Shelby walks through the 10 spiritual laws in her direct no nonsense way. This course heightened my awareness and consciousness in terms of better understanding and being more responsible for my actions and energy I put out into the world and on a day to day basis.


The Spiritual Ethics course has brought a whole new meaning of LAW in my world. Even though we, meaning all of us, experience law or legal or ethical challenges in our journey, we can never know how to tie everything in until we get the APPROPRIATE education/energy downloads from the 5D. These courses move you into a realm of PRACTICING all you do 'out here' legally, so to speak...because you learn the KICK BACKS are hell! The takeaway from this is EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this journey needs this information to practice spiritual work appropriately.

Kristen F.

I fell asleep through the whole course, but as stuff comes through me I realize that I am realizing especially at work, how it comes out that I raise my ethics everyday on how I say and do stuff. It has helped me.

Stacy P.

This course really made me ascend. It made me the best me I have ever been because I want to do EVERYTHING ethically. If I have a low vibrational thought, there's a little voice in my head that says, "You know better than that" because I do. This course has made me a better person.

Claudia M.