I have read and am taking full accountability to how I receive the energy activations within the course Celebrity Consciousness.  I am aware that this course will elevate my frequencies and will begin aligning my spiritual path with a higher intention that only a celebrity will begin to understand, move towards and ultimately become.

I am NOW ready to step into MY CELEBRITY.

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Celebrity Consciousness Offer

I LOVE the word CELEBRITY!  However, what I love even more is that more and more people are stepping up and owning their own inner celebrity and it is about time!

The formal definition of celebrity is a famous person or a state of being well known.  We ALL need to be well known, we ALL need to be famous in our own evolution of what we came to the planet to do.

Although society has created their own image of celebrity I will tell you that 5th dimension is now creating a whole new brand of celebrity.  The images and the expectations are now shifting and YOU are in the driver's seat.

I giggle when I move through this course with people because most people will say to me, "Oh no Shelby, I am not a celebrity and I have no desire to be one."  Once I move them through the programmed image of what their BELIEF SYSTEM sees a celebrity to be and then they take this course, it opens up a whole new perspective on the word:  Celebrity.

If you are not nurturing your own inner celebrity, your own inner stardom, your own inner VIP status then you are not moving enough in these 5D energies.  We NEED you to step into this next level of yourself.

In this course you WILL move towards the activations and new perspectives of what a celebrity is, who are celebrities really, what it means to be a celebrity, how to sustain that celebrity status, why celebrities are important and so much more!

This too is an ever evolving course because as you grow so does the energy of your celebrity.  

Please take that leap of faith and join The Carino Celebrities in this next level of ascension!  We NEED YOU!

What People Are Saying:

“Oh I just wish I had this while I grew up. But it is not late, now with this course I have guidance of how to help my daughter to grow as a celebrity of her own life, and not to follow some false tv screen and pop stars or etc. celebrities.”

Viktorija J.

“The Celebrity Consciousness Course brought so much clarity & understanding of Celebrity status and what it means in this world & spiritually. Each video brings excitement, explanation and inspiring energy to expand your thoughts, vision, abundance and power! It has helped me step into my power and self-confidence. In the month since I've completed the course, my husband and I won a free trip to Florida and have been invited to sponsor a local fire department golf tournament which will bring media presence and expanded business to our company we own together. A new business plan has flourished and is currently in the process of creation also within the time since I've completed the course. Very excited to continue more courses and see what else flourishes through the timeline from receiving the energy from this course! Absolutely loving the courses and energy Shelby Carino is bringing! ”

Sara E.

“I joined last July and little did I know how my life would change. Shelby and my tribe have given me clarity and have given me my faith back in my life. I am healing me and healing my insecurities. I recently got a newer car which is big for me. This journey is about us anyways. I was adopted when born and always wanted to know my birth parents, but now I am learning who I am and where I am from. To me it's a milestone. My family is healing and so am I. I can never say thank you enough to you Shelby and my tribe for my self worth and my value has changed. I know it's just around the corner and everything is coming.”

Stacy P.

“The Course helped me strip away some layers that didn't belong to me, since then my psychic abilities have improved! I started doing lots of work on the dream state again after many years of inconsistent work on that level and being a seer it is a big deal. On top of everything it has helped me identify and accept the messages I ignored for many years now. It's really refreshing when someone speaks about the things you feel. Shelby is amazing and the celebrity course is an eye opener for anyone searching to connect deeper with themselves and their purpose. Thank you for this amazing course!”

Mojan M.

“I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to take this course because my definition of celebrity was so limited. But after going through this process, I realized through Shelby's wisdom that part of the process of ascension is identifying and accepting your unique gifts, not denying, ignoring or being afraid of them. Once we truly tap into our soul's purpose and start to align our life and work to that purpose, that's living into our celebrity. Huge ah ha's with this one!”


“Me personally, starting the Celebrity Course, I had a vision of who I wanted to be, after about a week of watching the courses people started showing up in my world that have pushed me into my 'celebrity status.'”

Angela K.