Celebrity Consciousness

  1. Are you aware that there is a whole new level of celebrity that is emerging & it has zero to do with Hollywood?
  2. Have you ever seen yourself as a celebrity?
  3. Does the word celebrity excite you or scare you?
  4. Are you scared to be noticed?
  5. Have you been confused on what you came here to do?
  6. Do you feel like you have lost yourself in your life?
  7. Do you feel you have different roles in you life?
  8. Do you follow current trends?
  9. Would you like to upgrade your lifestyle & luxury?
  10. Do you have an issue with 'image?'
  11. Does it bother you when a celebrity takes advantage of their status?
  12. Do you feel like you have lost your spark?
  13. Do you feel like you have influence?




What Will You Learn Inside The Course?

  1. You Will Learn Where A Celebrity Begins
  2. You Will Learn What A Celebrity Is
  3. You Will Learn How To Create Your Celebrity
  4. You Will Learn What It Takes To Be A Celebrity
  5. You Will Learn What A Shape Shifter Is & Why It Is Important To A Celebrity Status
  6. You Will Learn What Celebrities Create
  7. You Will Learn How To Build A Celebrity Foundation
  8. You Will Learn The Importance Of Matching Your Energy To Matching Your Physical Appearance
  9. You Will Learn The Importance Of Celebrity Ethics
  10. You Will Learn When People Are Ready To Become A Celebrity
  11. You Will Learn Where Celebrities Come From
  12. You Will Learn The Power Of Influence

If you are truly in a position to navigate & awaken your journey of your inner celebrity and you are requiring a more streamlined guidance approach,  then you are a prime receiver for the Celebrity Consciousness course.

For the empowerment of YOU, I truly hope I see you inside the course in order to begin working a process to empower your energy into this new frequency of 5th dimension.

*** NO REFUNDS ***

Shelby Carino

5D Speaker & Radio Show Host

'Keep Your Spirits Flying High & Keep Living For Your Truth'




I have read and am taking full accountability to how I receive the energy activations within the course Celebrity Consciousness.  I am aware that this course will elevate my frequencies and will begin aligning my spiritual path with a higher intention that only a celebrity will begin to understand, move towards and ultimately become.

I am NOW ready to step into MY CELEBRITY.

I understand there are NO REFUNDS on this course as the minute the course is purchased the energies begin working immediately before any 'physical' interaction occurs.

I understand that all information presented is owned by Shelby Carino & any attempt to duplicate, download content or in any way steal the information will be met with legal action.


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